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Our chocolates


With over 10 years of experience as a partner of luxury hotels and restaurants, 

we are committed to propose the best last tasty touch and attention to offer you for your loyal clients.


We select the best nuts/fruits (Marcona almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts 'Tonda Gentile'...) so that our chocolate makers can offer you memorable tasty chocolates.


Each chocolate is validated and approved by our partner chefs.


Marcona almond : "the queen of the almonds"


The Marcona almond is a unique almond which requires a very specific climate and conditions to get this exquisite, crunchy dry fruit with a sweet and delicious flavor.


In the 1900s, Antonio Machado spoke of the flowering almond trees, in his poem La primavera besaba, he highlighted their beautiful white and pink flower, as a source of inspiration for a young poet.


The Marcona has been used for 500 years to produce the Turrón, traditional Christmas dessert in Spain.

Piedmont hazelnuts 'Tonda Gentile', the best hazelnut of the world ! Why ?


The Piedmont hazelnut, also called "tonda gentile delle lanhe" (round and sweet from the Langhe), is an Italian fruit product with a Protected Geographical Indication). It is mainly grown in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Piedmontese Langhe.


The Tonda Gentile hazelnut from Piedmont has an incomparable flavor and leaves an intense and persistent taste in the mouth. It has many nutritional qualities and lends itself to many gourmet alliances.


In 1806, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte blocked exportations from England, and the cacao being among these exportations became very difficult to find and a expensive product.


For this reason, bakers from the city of Turin had to find an alternative to continue making their products so they decided to mix the cacao left with a type of hazelnuts called 'Nocciola Tonda Gentile Trilobata, creating like this a new tasty product namely 'Gianduja'.